My name is Nereida Ordovás, and I am a Psychologist specialised in the process of Migration.


In my practice, Mindful Abroad, I work with people who experience problems to adapt to a new environment, a new culture with new traditions and a new language. Definitely inherent aspects of the migration process.

I studied Clinical Psychology at the Complutense University, in Madrid, Spain. In The Netherlands I specialized in Migration, through the study of an MSc in Human Geography, where I specialised in Globalisation, Migration and Development. Throughout my life I have always been traveling, being able to discover other ways of life is very valuable for me. I have lived in Madrid, London and currently in Wageningen, a nice and vibrant town in The Netherlands.

The fact that I am also a migrant makes it easier for me to understand the difficult situations that one might encounter in everyday life: stress, anxiety, sadness, wondering about my own identity, missing family and friends, dealing with difficult situations while being alone.

Years of experience working with different people from all over the world has taught me that we all go through life changing events that challenge our wellbeing, but that having the guidance of an expert is what makes the process an enriching one.



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